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MCRS Training Vest

MCRS Training Vest

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Vest: high quality 600 Denier waterproof Cordura® with original YKK® zippers. Very modern and functional, the MCRS® design is very durable. Big and easy to reach pockets.

Color: Black with Brown accents (in 3XL & 4XL size only).

Black with orange accents in all sizes.

Outer Shell: 100% Cordura Polyester

Lining: 100% Polyester

Works in combination with the original MCRS® Magnet (can be put on max 6 different strategical places) and MCRS® Ball or MCRS® Biteroll.

How Does it Work - The Revolution in Dog Training!


 Obedience in the dogsports is all about `focus` and `control` - anytime, anywhere... Nothing is more spectacular to see a dog looking up to his handler throughout the routine.

The MCRS® Products are the best and most easy way to reach this ultimate focus. The MCRS® System is a patented Magnetic Kit, who includes a Magnetic Ball or Biteroll and 1 or more Mother-Magnets. These removable Mother-Magnets are unvisible put inside the special MCRS® Vest, this on the most strategical places (on your chest, under your chin, under your both arms, on your back, etc.). Those are the places where we can `stick` the reward ball or biteroll. The rewards are simply presented against the super strong Mother-Magnet and due the magnetism the toy stays there. The dog quickly learns that by looking at the toy, he will be rewarded with this toy, this after the maximum `focus`. We can do this over and over, the MCRS® Products never stop working.

The MCRS® Vest can multiple magnets on different places. For example one at the left upper-chest during the `heeling`, one under the chin for the `sit-in-front` or for the reward after the `apport`, one on the back for the `self-service-stimuli`, etc. The sky is the limit ! The advantage of the MCRS® System (MCRS® vest in combination with the MCRS® magnets) is that you do not need to fix anything, just put on your vest and start training !

Also possible is to pull a winterjacket or trial-number-vest over the MCRS® Vest, the MCRS® Ball will still stick on the outside of the outer jacket. The MCRS® Magnets are powerful enough to be covered by the most thick jackets !

We can also use the MCRS® for the `send away`, the `jumps` or `revier` by simply using 2 MCRS® Mother-magnets and stick them on the revier-blind (1 outside and 1 inside the blind, they pull each other together) where we can hang the ball or biteroll. The dog can serve himself when coming at the spot. 



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